Back from AUSA!

Hey everyone!! Thanks for everyone that stopped by at AUSA, I had fun! There were some really, really wonderful people there, I’m really glad I got to meet all of you!

Now I’ll be getting back to messages, working on some commissions, and I’ll update and reopen my storenvy sometime soon.

As always, thanks for your support and for liking my art!!

Anonymous asked:

hello! i was just wondering if you know the schedules for all those weeks like daisuga week or iwaoi week?? for some reason everyone knows when they are??

Hey! Mmm, actually I don’t have a listing or anything like that, sorry! ^^;

The best way to figure those out (at least, I feel) is to follow the pairing tags and look out for the promo posts when they pop up. And if you see a promo post and you’re interested, reblog it so other people know about it, too! From what I gather they start out as a suggestion, then when it gathers enough interest, a date is decided and the week happens.

( I know that BokuAka Week is coming up at the end of this month though!! )

Karasuno’s reliable captain and indomitable setter!

I wanted to make a daisuga print, so here it is! The idea behind this was that I wanted to show off a cool captain and vice-captain, but I also wanted to make an otp poster you could hang in your room without your roommates or parents giving you the side-eye or something. Because I definitely know that feeling, haha. I’ve got your back, friends.