Anonymous asked:

hello im sure this is a strange question but does daichi really have a lobster shirt

Not weird at all! I kinda laughed, this was a really cute question.

M-maybe?? Probably not… but maybe!! 
I just made it up, but wouldn’t it be cute? That would totally be cute. Then Daichi and Suga could wear weird matching pajamas.

suga definitely has a shrimp shirt though and i want the story behind it

Hey everyone!! I just wanted to say thanks!!

I’m really surprised and overwhelmed with how positive the feedback has been from my recent posts, I didn’t expect that, haha. So thanks for all the notes, the tags, the kind messages, and for following me. I really appreciate it.

Classes are starting up again soon for me so posts won’t be as frequent as they have been (even before daisuga week) but I am working on some stuff and I have an artist alley approaching, so no worries, I’m still drawing.

I had a lot of fun during daisuga week and I hope you all did too. I was merely a participant, and there’s tons of really good art and fics that came from it so please go check them out, I love this ship and I love you guys.

Thanks again!!

Anonymous asked:

Hey. So I'm new to your blog but I've seen your stuff and I'm super jealous. I was wondering if you could draw Eren Jaeger? You don't have to if you don't want to, but is appreciate it :) thanks either way

Hi there, welcome to my blog, and thank you. You don’t need to be jealous of my stuff, haha but thank you so much for liking it.

Once again, I don’t normally take requests unless I ask for them first, but you’re in luck anon. You wanted Eren, you’re getting him

Anonymous asked:

Can you draw Armin Arlert? You don't have to if you don't want to :)

Here you go, anon friend

I hope a quick sketch is alright. I don’t normally take requests or anything but for some reason people here really want me to draw Armin? Haha, I’ve gotten quite a few messages in my inbox asking me to draw him so, here he is.

DaiSuga Week Day 7 [Free Prompt]

Cute couple selfies!!

Thank you for DaiSuga week!! I hope you had fun!! DaiSuga love!!!

(also suga’s mole is on the other side cause instagram doesn’t mirror photos ;0 )

Anonymous asked:

hello! would it be alright if i used your art for icons? i'll be sure to credit you in my description, but if you're not okay with it i'm fine with that too!!! and thanks for your hella cute art uvu


Yeah, definitely! That’d be fine! As a general note, I’m pretty much okay with my art being used for icons, sidebar images, etc as long as a) there’s credit b) it’s not too crazy heavily edited. 

Oh, and thank you for asking first, I really appreciate it! That was really kind of you andddd ahhhhhh THANK YOU for liking my art! Have a great day!

Anonymous asked:

Your daisuga art gives me so much life

thank you, friend! (´⌣`ʃƪ)

I’m having a lot of fun with daisuga week! I’m glad people are enjoying my stuff, haha

looks like i’m providing a number of people life support now through daisuga… i can’t stop now… not with this many lives on the line….